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WE provide comprehensive marketing services so you can work smarter not harder

As a business owner, you have a lot on your plate.  Why work with multiple marketing agencies when you can work with just one?  

Think of it like fine dining versus the all you can eat buffet. Quality not quantity.

The benefit? Increased efficiencies and faster results, not to mention fewer emails, phone calls and meetings. 

From developing your overall marketing  strategy (including that crucial brand story and emotional connection), creating or rebuilding your brand to building your website and your digital marketing strategy and online presence, we can do it all.    

Don't need everything? Not to worry. We're flexible. You can order the whole marketing menu or simply choose from our list of marketing "side dishes." 

Warming up to the idea but still not sure? Try a FREE sample, in this case, a FREE one hour marketing consultation. 




Your brand is the single most important asset your business has. It’s what separates you from your competitors. It’s an emotional connection between your current or potential clients, the products or services you sell and the feeling they get when they do business with you. 


While there are countless definitions of what branding is, one of our favorites is:

“A brand is the set of expectations, memories, stories and relationships that, taken together, account for a consumer’s decision to choose one product or service over another” – Seth Godin


Whether you’re starting from scratch, your brand needs a refresh or you're an established business that needs a complete branding overall, this is where we have the most fun!   


On the surface, a brand includes:


  • Your logo

  • Associated design elements

  • Approved fonts

  • A color palette

  • Key messages

  • Brand guidelines

But it’s so much more than that, it’s the personality of your business.


The words you choose to communicate with your clients. The style of photography you use. Even the marketing vehicles you choose to promote your products or services on.


So, if this is something you hire us for, prepare for some outside of the box thinking and perhaps a cocktail or two to get the creative juices flowing. If coffee is more your thing, that's OK too. 


Marketing Consultation Services

Maybe you have a marketing background but as a business owner, you don’t have the time to keep up with the everchanging marketing environment?


Or you’re just starting a business and want advice on the marketing “must haves” for a new business. 


Maybe you're marketing budget is minimal, at best, and want advice on how to get the most ROI for your money.

If you've nodded your head to any of the above scenarios, our marketing consulting services may be your best option. 


There is always a great benefit to bringing in a fresh set of eyes, no matter what your particular business marketing needs might be. And who knows what it could lead to?


These can be scheduled as a one-time service, monthly, quarterly or whatever works best for your needs.


And even better, your first one-hour marketing consultation is FREE. Yep, we said the magical word and we'll say it again, we offer all prospective clients or just anyone who wants our opinion,  a FREE one hour marketing consultation. 


Digital Marketing

Digital marketing (IE – any form of marketing that exists online) has taken over the marketing world and if your business doesn’t have an online presence, you need one, no matter what you may have read online, who your customer is, etc.


We realize that with all of the digital marketing vehicles out there, this can be overwhelming. We'll let you in on a little secret, it can be overwhelming for us to but luckily, we're marketing nerds who love to learn. 

What many businesses don’t always understand is that they don’t necessarily need to be participating in every single kind of digital marketing.

The same thing goes for social media. Just because there’s a new social media application that everyone is talking about, it may not be right for your company.

Types of digital marketing

The types of digital marketing are endless and new options (especially in the social media world) pop up every day.

The most popular include:

  • Email marketing

  • Influencer marketing

  • Search Engine Optimization

  • Search Engine Marketing (Pay Per Click campaigns)

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Video Marketing

  • Website

  • And one that people often ignore - your company's Google My Business account 

There are major benefits to digital marketing which is why you’ve seen the decline of more traditional marketing such as television, radio and print.

The three biggest benefits include:

  • Cost Effectiveness

  • Measurement

  • Targeting

  • And our favorite: The ability to change up strategies almost instantly 


Graphic Design

Graphic design may be the greyest of all areas of marketing. Sure, there are basic principles and rules but at the end of the day, it's very subjective and similar to a work of art. Regardless, it's a crucial part of a company's branding so it's something that's 100 percent necessary for a company to have someone who understands it if they're going to successfully execute a company's marketing campaign.

And the best graphic designers understand strategy too and don't get their feelings hurt when their really cool/pretty/funky (insert adjective here) designs don't go along with everything else that makes up a marketing plan. 


Like many areas of marketing, it also comes with it's own language, PMS, CMYK, HEX Codes, vector art, leading, kerning, white space, etc. Add to that, you have more than a half a millions fonts to work with when designing a particular item.

We view graphic design as a strategic form of art  and even enjoy all the nerdy language that goes along with it. 


Strategy Development

Shockingly, this is often times one of the most overlooked areas of marketing. This is especially true with small businesses. Strategy development gets skipped over for the more tactical marketing elements like your logo, web site, social media accounts, email marketing, etc. 


Think of it this way: You spend all this time and money on finding and buying the right ingredients to cook your favorite meal but you don't have the recipe. Guess what? It's probably not going to taste like you're expecting it to. 

Or, maybe you have an overall marketing strategy and plan in place and suddenly it’s not working.


Regardless, the process we go through is fairly similar:

  • Reviewing your current marketing strategy (if you have one)

  • Identify your ideal customer(s) and find out everything we can about who they are.  (Have you heard of the marketing creep factor? Well, this is part of it, unfortunately)

  • Define measurable goals and how they’ll be measured

  • Review current or available marketing vehicles to determine whether they’re a fit for your business

  • Identify and prioritize the vehicles and tactics identified to have the most return on investment (ROI) 

  • Put it all on paper with specific dates and deadlines


Website Development


Our recipe for a good web site includes: 

Consistent branding. Simple aesthetics.  High quality, engaging content. Easy and logical navigation. Integration with your other digital properties. Mobile friendly and last but certainly not least, making sure it's easy to find (IE - search engine optimization). 


Our web development services include architecture, design, content creation, search engine and mobile site optimization.

And if we work with you on an on-going basis, we're data nerds so analytic services are also available. After all, a pretty web site is just that if you don't know anything about how your site is being used, who's using it, what they're using it for, how they're finding it, etc. And if not, we're happy to train you on how to interpret the data yourself. 



Writing is typically something that people either love or they hate. Many do it because it’s just part of their job but admittedly, we love it. 

Types of writing

When it comes to marketing, there are a wide variety of types and styles of writing. Just because someone tells you they’re a writer, that doesn’t mean they necessarily have the writing experience for your marketing needs.

There are nuances, strategies, written and unwritten rules associated with each type of writing.

  • Blogs

  • Feature writing

  • Web site content

  • Copy writing

  • Social media


We understand the strategy, approach and have experience with each type.