Why choose 314 Solutions

why us? 

We provide low-cost/no-cost marketing solutions for business owners in order to take that portion of running your business off your plate.

Owning and running the daily operations of a business is a full-time job. And trying to stay up on the ever-changing marketing trends, while running your business, is almost impossible. We’ve been witness to how this can not only turn away current clients or customers but more importantly keep businesses from growing and thriving. 

That's where we come in. Let us take that burden off your shoulders and help you with whatever marketing support you need.

Whether it's a full-scale marketing strategy and branding overhaul, a new website, digital marketing campaign or simply a consultation service to review your current marketing efforts. 

Our Story 


The origin of 314 Solutions begins with a very personal story. But one that’s crucial to understanding our core and values.

The day the world changed


March 14, 2014 is the day the world changed for owner and founder, Kelly, and her husband

Shawn Wooley. Their daughter, Avery, was born three and a half months early, weighing

1 lb.  5 oz. Her survival was not guaranteed. And her future was completely uncertain.

Since then, despite a 234 NICU stay, a year at home on oxygen and multiple behavioral

diagnoses and developmental delays, she continues to thrive. But it hasn’t been easy.


Avery is the ultimate example of how hard work, perseverance and creative solutions pay off.

She showed the world that she could beat the odds and we approach our work with everything

she's taught us and so many others                             .

She not only changed Shawn and Kelly's world but her story has inspired thousands, across the

country. During her stay in the NICU, Kelly shared her experiences through Cook Children's online

newsroom and social media channels. As a result, Kelly has connected with NICU and special needs moms across the country. 


Today, Avery is a feisty 7-year-old with a smile and laugh that can brighten anyone’s day. It’s her strength, determination and fearless that inspired Kelly and gave her the courage to leave the corporate world after more than 20 years and birth another baby: 314 Solutions


To learn more about Avery's inspirational story: 

Read Kelly' s 13-part blog series of their stay at the NICU in Cook Children's. 

Watch the tear-jerking video of Avery's time spent in the NICU.

314 Solutions Owner, Kelly, and husband Shawn Wooley with their daughter Avery.

Our Mantra

​Every business has a story, let us tell yours.


We believe wholeheartedly in the emotional power of brand story telling and have seen many times how effective it can be, when done properly.


​Of course, we'll work with you on all aspects of your marketing strategy, help you identify your target audience, identify measurable goals and create strategies to achieve those.


But, all agencies do that.


Telling stories and developing emotional connections and relationships with new and current clients is what we live and breathe. It's what creates lifelong customers, even friends. 


The meaning behind 314 Solutions

​When founding a business, coming up with the new can be one of the hardest parts. Luckily, for us, it was a no-brainer. From the name to the logo, it came together instantly.

314 stands for March 14 (Avery’s birthday)


Solutions has a double meaning. It represents all of the creative solutions used in the NICU to keep Avery alive, in her various therapies to help her thrive and the daily creativity of raising an incredibly intelligent child with autism and developmental delays.


It also represents the out-of-the-box marketing solutions required working with smaller businesses who don’t have the million-dollar budgets larger companies might have.


Our logo is also filled with symbolism: Red is Avery’s favorite color, teal is my favorite color and the grey represents the idea that nothing in the marketing world is black and white.


Marketing is a fluid industry that offers many options, tactics and strategies with no specific formula for success. That’s where creativity and measurement of strategies come in. And that’s the fun part! Or at least, we think so.


Discovering Your Story

We’ve mentioned brand storytelling most local business owners don't realize is that all businesses have so many stories to tell. Stories of how and why your business was founded, success stories from clients or customers who have purchased your products or used your services, stories of vendors you work with.


No matter what industry you’re in, we promise, stories are all around you. It just takes a little work to discover them. Not only will you see a business benefit in connecting with customers and clients this way, you’ll also get some warm fuzzies from what you learn.